Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20090331-2      Ticket Status: UPDATE
Ticket Type:   scheduled               Resolver:      HEA-NOC
Ticket Opened: 20090331 12:05 UTC+1    Problem Start: 20090401 08:15 UTC+1
Ticket Update: 20090401 09:17 UTC+1    Problem End:   20090401 09:00 UTC+1

Site/line:     HEA-NOC, NCIRL

Problem Description:
A new OADM has been installed in the HEAnet GD5 office to provide a
wavelength to the testlab. To add this OADM, there will be a brief outage
on the UPC fibre ring (TCD, GD5, NCI) while patching is performed.

Problem Effects:
NCI: loss of resilience (NCI-TCD fibre will be unaffected)

GD5: outage to gd5-sw1 for ~5mins. Loss of resilience to HEAnet office IP
connectivity (cpe1-heanet has a Colt fibre link to kp-sw1). Office phone
not affected.

Problem History:
20090331 11:37 CS Scheduling work.

20090401 09:11 CS Work complete, will switch HEAnet office link from
backup to primary at 09.25. This will cause a brief outage.

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