Gary Ingle wrote:

> How many Mo Lua, Mo Luadh, Moluag, Mo Chua etc clerics are there?

More than twenty?  Mo Lua is a diminutive of Lugaid.

> Which one or ones is/are associated with the Cathedral of Moluag in  
> Lismore or the church of Moluadh in Europie, Lewis

I think it was Mo Luóc, supposedly a contemporary of Colum Cille.  -óc  
is a further diminutive/hypocoristic suffix, originally of British  
origin (GOI § 271).

> or the associate of Colum Cille with the fly, the mouse, and the  
> cock, as related by Keating in Forus Feasa ar Éirenn?

I think that is was Mo Chua (= Colmán mac Duach) who had the three  
critters.  He, too,  was supposed to be a contemporary of Colum Cille.

Mo Lua (= Lugaid moccu Óchae) of West Munster was renowned for never  
harming any living creature.

But then again, saints are not my strong point.