Pat Murray wrote:

>> Not·estar in catt ocus estir (in) demon in catt.

> Thanks for your comments. I was wondering also if we should use some  
> sort of verbal
> particle such as 'co' with a conjunct subjunctive 'estar' in the  
> second clause.

Sea, braitheann an duine a bhfuil Nua-Ghaeilge aige go bhfuil rud  
éigin in easnamh.

Nevertheless, the bare verb seemed to work just fine in Old and Middle  

"adroillem adaittrebam  /  oentaid aingel cech tratha"  (SR 8385)

= may we deserve, may we possess / the fellowship (lit. oneness) of  
the angels at every hour

> In answer to your question as regards coming to OI I can say that I  
> have an interest in all
> things Celtic and have recently joined a reading group run by Pamela  
> O'Neill in Sydney. I
> come from a Gaeltacht area and have spoken modern Irish since  
> childhood.

Is méanar dúinn gur chuir Pamela chugainn thú.  Fáilte romhat arís!