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Nice to see "New Blood" being interested in the nutritional aspects of SeaVeggies . . .

Find someone that reads, or at least is familiar with, Japanese literature. You will find tons of info.

Just be careful with the "daily intake" of Hijiki.

We are all aware that Hijiki has been consumed in Asia for centuries and people are nor dropping like flies with Arsenic poisoning. Having said that, Hijiki is pretty much illegal for human consumption in several countries due to its high content of Inorganic Arsenic. There have been some recent Japanese papers that review "indirect" negative health issues from consumption of Hijiki.

Until, the dusts settles, I would not recommend eating Hijiki, or at least letting people know what the apparent risk is.

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as a last year student in dietetics at Hogeschool Gent (Belgium), I'm making 
my thesis about the intake of omega-3 in the Belgian population.
I encountered some difficulties finding scientific information about the EPA and 
DHA contents in marine algae, specifically arame, kombu and hiziki which I 
need to calculate the overal intake.
The USDA fooddatabase only mentions the EPA content in wakame, and from 
a japanese database I got the values for nori.

Hopefully there is someone who can put some light on this matter.
Kind regards,
David Inghels