Neil McLeod wrote:

> Do-gní in liaig a leges & osclaicid na crêchta & do-bertar baicc  
> taris et dergthair coltur iar sain i tenid et do-be[i]r in liaig  
> ammus de for broind ind f*ir. Co tânic in días êorna & in duirb mét  
> lochad & in gaî & cech a mbaí and archena.

"The physician does his healing/treatment & opens the wounds and bacc- 
s are brought across him (= the patient) and a plowshare is reddened  
(heated to red hot) after that in fire and the physician aims it  
towards the man's belly.  So that the ear of barley came (out) and the  
grub the size of a mouse and the spear and everything (else) that was  
in there as well."

DIL is a bit vague on what a "bacc" is.  Heating the plowshare and  
brandishing it menacingly over the imbedded culprits sounds just like  
a wizard doctor, don't you think?  Magic and stagecraft.  Fun  
stuff!  :-)