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>LL   Nenaisc Tadc a chor iar sein
>      for Cormac rec[h]ta rogil,
>      ma chuit i mBregaib cen brath
>      dia térnad assin mórchath.
>BB   Nenais Tadg a cor iar sin.
>      for Cormac rechta rogil,
>      ma cuit a mBregaib cen brath
>      a tiachtain asin morcath.
>Lec  Neanais Tadc a chor iar sin
>      for Chormac rechta rogil,
>      ma chuit a mBreagaib cen brath
>      iar tiachtain asin morchath.

I came up with this -- 

Tadc bound his agreement after that
 Upon Cormac of very shining law,
  If a portion in Brega without treachery
   After escaping from the great battle.

‘nenaisc’ looks like 3rd singular preterite of ‘naiscid’.   The 
words ‘nenaisc’, ‘cor’, and ‘rechta’  look like some kind of legal contract is 
involved.    ‘têrnad’ looks like a form of ‘do-érni’ and I wondered if it could be a 
preterite form although it doesn’t have the ending I would expect.  Maybe ‘dia 
têrnad’ means ‘when he (they) escaped’.
     I wasn’t sure what to make of ‘ma cuit’.    I could not get the mark above 
the 'a' in LL's version of 'ma' to show up right in the message.  Liz