The story so far:
(§3) Cormac is expelled from Tara by the invading Ulstermen. (§4) Cormac 
promises land to Tadc mac Céin in exchange for help: as much as he could 
circle in his chariot before sunset. (§7) Cormac’s forces confront the 
Ulstermen at Crinna (§8) while Cormac hides in a ditch. (§§10-14) Tadc 
sweeps north, winning seven battles, but suffering three dreadful 
spear-wounds (§15). While seeking to claim his reward, Tadc passes in 
and out of consciousness, and his charioteer (perhaps on Cormac’s 
instructions) stays close to the coastline, depriving Tadc of all but a 
narrow stretch of land. And Cormac’s appalling behaviour is not yet at 
an end:

LL  Iar sin do-berar dias éorna la Cormac i crêcht dia chrêchtaib & 
duirp i crécht aile & gâe i crêcht aile, coro chnessaig tairsiu & co 
mbaí bliadain i ssirg.

BB  Is iar sin do-beir Cormac deis eorna la i crecht do crechtaibh taidg 
& duírb i crecht ele & gai go n-eim natrach isin tres crecht, coro 
cnesaig tairsiu sin & co mbaí bliadain a seirc galair.

Lec  Is iar sin do-ber Cormac deis eorna la i crecht do chrechtaib taidc 
& dobeir duirb i crecht n-aile do & dobeir gai co n-eim nathrach isin 
treas crecht, coro chnesaig tarrsu sin & co mbai bliadain a seirc galair.

(Cf Keating, IT viii 292.)