At p 138 of vol i of Ériu (1904), there is a list of donations and 
subscriptions made to the School of Irish Learning (which then poduced 
the journal).

There are 82 people listed.

One of the lovely things about studying ancient texts is that you 
sometimes feel a connection with people in the past. I feel a particular 
affection for these 82 individuals, because without them there would 
probably have been no Ériu.

I was suprised at how many of them I already knew.  Some were (or 
became) famous Celtic scholars:

Kuno Meyer, R.A.S. MacAlister, E.J. Gwynn, Whitley Stokes, P.W. Joyce LLD

and not-quite-so-famous Celtic scholars:

Mrs A.S. Green (I have one of her calling cards, left in her 
presentation copy of Ériu which I bought online), Mrs M.A. Hutton (who 
produced a retelling of the Táin in English - I have a postcard she 
received from Brittany 100 years ago or so).

Others were famous for other reasons:

Lady Gregory, Maud Gonne MacBride (after whom Yeats pined so 
incessantly), Chief Baron Palles (a great Irish judge who I knew from my 
days lecturing law at UCD).

Most of the donations were of around one pound, but two people gave 50 

The Rt Hon Lord Castletown, CMG, and one 'E.W. Barron'.

Does anyone know anything about this E.W. Barron? (Or anyone else on the 
list for that matter?) I would love to be introduced to him.

(Some of the names are vaguely familiar and would probably jump out an 
say 'hi' if I did a google; for instance, John Sweetman was later 
President of Sinn Féin - but somehow that doesn't count. It is 
interesting to note that there is one 'Anonymous', who gave 10 shillings 
and sixpence, as well as a 'Fear gan ainm' who gave a pound.)

Here is the full list:

E.W Barron
Sir H. Bellingham, Bt.
Hon. E. Blake., K.C., M.P.
J. St. Clair Boyd, M.D.
Thomas Burke
Rev T. Busker
S. H. Butcher, J.P. LITT.D., LL.D.
Gen. Sir. Wm. Butler, K>C>B>
J. Byrne
The Rt. Hon. Lord Castletown, C.M.G.
J. Coleman
N. Colgan
Sir Martin Conway
M.F. Cox, M.D., F.R.U.I.
Capt. Hon. Otway Cuffe
Lord De Freyne
The Very Rev. Wm. Delany, S.J., D.D.
Countess Dowager of Desart
E.W. Digby
E.R. McC. Dix
M. Dorey
E. Duffy
Miss Louisa Farquarson
Fear gan ainm
F. Evatt Gahagan
W.P. Geoghegan
Mrs A.S. Green
Lady Gregory
E.J. Gwynn, M.a., F.T.C.D.
Stephen Gwynn
The Most Rev. Dr Healy, Archbishop of Tuam
T.M. Healy, M.P.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Hutton
Rt. Hon. Lord Iveagh, K.P.
Hon. Walter James
Capt. Bryan J. Jones
P.W. Joyce, LL.D.
T. Aliaga Kelly
Professor W.P. Kerr, LL.D.
C.D. La Touche
J.C. Ledlie
Rev. P Lonergan, C.C.
D. Lynch, M.D.
Professor Kuno Meyer
Norman Moore, M.D.
J. Mulhall
R.A.S. MacAlister, M.A.
Mrs Maud Gonne MacBride
Rt. Hon. Sir A.P. MacDonnell, G.C.S.I., K.C.V.O.
Professor J. MacKinnon
G.U. Macnamara
Charles MacNeill
Owen O'Byrne
J.J. O'Carroll, M.D.
Father O'Coigley
The Most Rev. Dr O'Dea, Bishop of Clonfert
F.H. O'Donnell
Rev. J. O'Donovan, Adm.
The Most Rev. Dr O'Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick
J. O'Hagan
C.H. Oldham, B.L.
Rev. David O'Leary, P.P.
The O'Morchoe
M. O'Sullivan
Chief Baron Palles
Miss S. Purser
T.W. Rolleston, M.A.
Professor Ronald Ross, F.R.S.
The Rt, Hon. The Earl of Rosse, K.P.
The Hon. Charles Russell
Most Rev. Dr Sheehan, Bishop of Waterford
Sir Thornely Stoker, M.D.
Whitley Stokes, D.C.L.
John Sweetman
Professor W.F. Trench
Lawrence A. Waldron, M.P.
C.T. Hagberg Wright, LL.D.
Ed. Perceval Wright, M.D.
Henry Cecil Wyld
Robert Young