I had a little time yesterday and today so I transcribed the next stanza.


Cath droma fuait fithi foglach
Cath suairc sithbe seglach 
Cath cnuic i clos os anad arniach
I cosnam na Temrach.

syllable count - 8-6-9-6


Cath droma fuait ficthi foglach
Cath suairc sithbe seaglach
Cath cnu(?) ic  iclos osnad eanglach
I cosnam na Temrach 

syllables 8-6-9-6

  'ic iclos'  looks like a scribal error of repetition.
  There is obviously a lot of alliteration here.  I'm not sure I divided up all the 
words correctly.  I couldn't make sense out of all of it.   Liz