My apologies, Neil.  I shot off that last message without reading your last post 

Here's the transcription as I understand it; I hope I've included all your 

corobris  u.i.i.i. catha cona
forsna fatha finda
i n-enlo cono na
im caith croda crinda


Corobris u.i.i.i. catha conna 
forsna flatha finda
i n-aenlo conona 
imchath chroda chrinda.

    I can’t think of any way to make sense of ‘cona forsna’ because it looks like 
two prepositions combined with articles one after the other.  I would 
like ‘conna/cona’ to be an adjective but I can’t find any to match.  I can’t 
think of any ideas for ‘conona’ in line 3 either.

   Here’s a start for a translation:

And seven battles ... defeated
the fair princes 
 In a single day ....
Around a cruel wise battle.

‘crinda’ (“old, wise, experienced”) doesn’t make any sense here either.  Liz