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> It is a good idea to look at both MSS (i.e Lec as well), 
>because what you miss in one may be clearer in the other. 

Thanks for your comments, Neil.
     I think the Book of Lecan is prettier than the Book of Ballymote, but 
neither one  is consistently easier to read than the other.

Here's what I got:

Huallach doluig Tadg i tresaib
 ciarbo garg maisib
isa tir ar druing tosaich
 i crich cian uill caisil.

Huallach doluid Tadc i treasaib ciarbo garg maisib
Isa tir ar druing ar tosaig i crich chian uill caisil

  There are three periods dividing lines in BB, but only one in Lec.  In BB I get 
a syllable count of  8-5-7-6  which doesn't look consistent.   If I count only 
stressed syllables, I get 4-3-3-4.  
     If I look at only two lines, as in Lec, I get syllable count 13-14 and stress 
7-7.   I assume 'garg' is only one syllable although it sounds like two in Modern 
Irish.   Do these numbers mean anything?  

   Would anyone like to try a translation?    Liz