Dennis wrote
>> 1)  The poem runs to twenty-odd verses, making it a long investment in  
>> time if we undertake it.

I didn't realise it was that long. The story won't be new to us either. 
(Well, it might be. My hope would be that the poem will have some extra 
detail or nuance. But that can't be guaranteed.)

>> 2)  The public-access photos at ISOS have pretty good resolution, but  
>> the text is still small.  Somewhere I have a password to access higher  
>> resolution reproductions, but some of us probably don't have that.

I don't have a password for the higher resolution ones either. I set 
the zoom in function on my PC to 200%. That has been fine so far for 
these MSS.

Liz wrote:
>   I wrote a nice letter in Irish asking for a password a few years ago but was 
> denied.  I wonder how a person can get one?  Also, why is access 
> restricted?   Liz 

That is a pity. Maybe they look for a supporting letter from an academic 
or something; though they should explain that if that is the case. Did 
you have to pull any strings to get yours, Dennis?

I don't know why access is restricted - does it effect them in terms of 
server costs or something when people access it? (It might, I suppose, 
be part of some agreement they struck with one or more of the 
institutions housing some of the MSS. But that seems unlikely to me.)

I have been thinking of emailing them with a suggestion that they 
include an online concordance of the MSS pagination with the pagination 
of the various facsimilie editions cited in DIL (etc), which are 
different in some cases. Maybe I could ask them about access to the 
passwords as well?