While we are paying attention to what is ahead of us I wonder if it would be useful to expand our 'environmental intelligence scan' to include possible other threats to the meta systems of global politics, security, weather, etc.
A real danger we face, besides the obvious singular ones, would be the combined effects of a convergence of destabilising events in more than one vulnerable area happening at once or in near proximity. I'd like to suggest an environmental scan that would look at the vulnerability and dependencies of a few global conditions including:

*    Financial markets and currency collapse (we have lots of data here)
*    Economic collapse and loss of services (especially life dependent ones)
*    Global geo and weather events - eg California / Ring of Fire 'the big one' now overdue it's 11 year appearance, all the expected effects of global warming
*    War and terrorism - especially WMD vulnerabilities,  particularly Israel / Iran and possible nuclear theatre use by Israel who feel that a nuclear Iran would wipe them out literally - we must understand that pathological or not Israel knows that it cannot defend itself from a nuclear Iran and will take preemptive action.  So a slightly plausible scenario can see Israel attacking Iran before January inauguration because Israel does not trust Obama to support them at all costs, and even though they have been asking Bush for offensive support which has been refused, they trust him to support them when the time comes.  Whether or not the US would support Israel militarily, if Asrael attacks Iran the US would be hit with anything that exists and is waiting in terrorist cells already in the US. Any multiple terrorist strike in the US would cause Bush to declare martial law and Obama won't be inaugurated come Jan. under those conditions. This is
 purely a scenario to expand our model context, not a conspiracy theory. The attached is from the Jerusalem Post.

I'm suggesting four'windows' to the world specific to this enquiry, but it is minimum architecture and could apply to an enquiry into Universe as well, with four different classification windows.  The categories are not meant to be either permanent or hardened and topic headers can be changed to accommodate the classification variety that unfolds within.
Joseph Truss
Abbey North Drummers  Open Futures / Team Syntegrity AG

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