Milton Friedman (evil man that he was) got one thing right: When there  
is a crisis, the ideas at hand will be the ones to be used.

Friedman and his Chicago School of Economics used this insight to very  
nearly conquer the world. And they did it with ideas that, to a  
cybernetician, are idiotic. Further, to anyone with compassion for  
their fellow humans, the results were uniformly evil.

Friedman's core ideas seemed to be that freedom and totally  
unfettered, pure capitalism are identical. The prescription for  
governments was to de-regulate everything, privatize everything  
including most of the core functions of government, and massively cut  
government spending in all areas of social programs. The results were  
always to enormously enrich the already wealthy elite, destroy the  
middle class, and drive huge numbers into the permanently unemployable  
desperately poor. They were able to implement this program all over  
the world by pouncing on crises, including most recently New Orleans  
after Katrina and the reconstruction in Iraq.

Oops, sorry, I am digressing into a rant about Friedman, when all I  
really wanted to do was to suggest that we use his insight about the  
ideas at hand being used in a crisis.

No one else other than cyberneticians has a clue about how to build a  
proper control system for the world's economy. And more specifically,  
those cyberneticians who have studied and built upon Stafford's work  
have a better framework for this work than anyone else in the world.  
God help us, that means Roger and Javier and Stefan and Allenna and  
Russell and even me (and all the rest of you on this list that I don't  
yet know!).

There! I said it!

Stafford said that responsibility comes with knowledge, so its really  
in our lap.

The big question is not whether we can design a much improved control  
system. The big question is how do we get anybody to listen to us, how  
do we get our ideas to where they are lying around to be picked up by  
the Obama administratiion?

I don't yet know the answer to this question, but I think we better  
get to brainstorming on it.

I am going to go do a little internet research on a few potential  
leads and will get back to you later.

Grace and Peace (we're going to need it!)



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