I've lost the thread that this belongs to (sorry) but it refers to previous mentions here of governance and organisations such as GetUp, Avaaz and Moveon. Unfortunately they are only brief but they are in context and give clear signals of a growing recognition in the mainstream that times are changing. If not now, then when?

The short comments in this LNL interview with Ann Pettifor (Executive Director of Advocacy International and Senior Associate of the New Economics Foundation (NEF)) touch briefly on the Moveon.Org role in changing US politics (aka Barrak Obama) and the new wave of youth empowerment through new disintermediating technology.

The Green New Deal (Wednesday 29 October 2008)

Next month in Washington, President George W. Bush will gather together leaders of the G20 to discuss what's to be done about the global financial meltdown. The questions being asked in many circles at the moment is whether now is the time to take the opportunity of the financial crisis to re-structure the market to tackle the 'triple crunch' of credit, peak oil and climate change. Earlier this year the independent U.K. think-tank, the New Economics Foundation published a report outlining what it has termed a "green new deal". It calls for various actions, including tougher regulation of the financial market and a sustained program of investment in energy conservation and renewable energy. (see http://www.abc.net.au/rn/latenightlive/

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