The voice of S2 I suspect. Interesting to note that now your and my savings (real money as opposed to the billions of imaginary 'money' they are tipping into the top-down end), are to be offered less risk because Ireland (nation states) must conform and act in a non competitive manner ... there are huge fundamental issues here if we care to look. I suspect many are starting to open their eyes and look ... and act. Now, is that viable?



French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has become the latest European politician to criticise the Republic of Ireland's bank guarantee move.

With Ireland due to pass a law safeguarding all deposits in its six largest banks, Ms Lagarde said other nations should have had advance notice.

. . .

There have been complaints that Dublin's move gives its banks an unfair advantage over foreign competitors because it makes them more attractive to nervous investors.

. . . .

"Because when something happens in one member state it affects everybody else around, so there needs to be that level of cross-sharing of information," she added.

European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said on Wednesday that she urged national governments "not to act unilaterally".

"It is a must," she said.

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