The voice of S2 I suspect. Interesting to note that now your and my savings (real money as opposed to the billions of imaginary 'money' they are tipping into the top-down end), are to be offered less risk because Ireland (nation states) must conform and act in a non competitive manner ... there are huge fundamental issues here if we care to look. I suspect many are starting to open their eyes and look ... and act. Now, is that viable?---

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde has
become the latest European politician to criticise the Republic of
Ireland's bank guarantee move.

With Ireland due to pass a law safeguarding all deposits in its
six largest banks, Ms Lagarde said other nations should have had
advance notice.
. . . 

There have been complaints that Dublin's move gives its banks an unfair
advantage over foreign competitors because it makes them more
attractive to nervous investors.. . . .

"Because when something happens in one member state it affects
everybody else around, so there needs to be that level of cross-sharing
of information," she added.
European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said on
Wednesday that she urged national governments "not to act
"It is a must," she said.

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