Chemical Whales

"Paradoxically, the polar regions are not as pristine as we like to think. What should be the cleanest places on earth are accumulating a nasty residue of toxic pollution from the rest of the world."  

. . . .

It’s still early days for their research, but preliminary results show the level of DDE in the whales is 18 times greater than in the krill.
But the toxic trail doesn’t end there. People are part of the Antarctic food chain too, eating whale meat, or taking krill oil.

No longer can we assume that Antarctica is pristine and clean.

In the whales is a warning that our chemical pollution knows no boundaries."  [text and video]

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Neurological Gait Keepers

"Researchers are now employing new techniques to provide 3D analysis of the gait to unravel differences in underlying brain function between children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome." --

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