Very well said. The way Guru's try to change the world never worked. Sad for Stafford c.s., but given it was even true for guys like Hitler eventually, even the most powerful can't.
So what works? Well, to me it seems that "bottom up" has a better chance. Look at Gates/Microsoft. They started at the bottom, their stuff spread worldwide quickly. They were no guru's until AFTER the fact and NEVER managed to change the world they created again ....
I've said it more than once: why not start at the bottom: small tools, small applications, WIDE diversity, let 100 zillion flowers grow in SMB organizations. Forget the ugly behemoths, spread globally, become viruslike, go grassroots, just like linux, xampp, but then for the management of self-control. Document cases: no just technically, but also process and spam it to find fertile ground elsewhere. Until we reach the tipping point.
Open source is not just a technical trick for code, it can also be used to build an application-network, zillions of places where people play with the tools, the stories, improve, steal, borrow, give, etc. All that knowledge needs to be open source too. Have a look at how approaches this.
Hey! We are the complexity masters right! If WE can't bring about change to a small complex system like the world, who will believe us when we say the world needs to change. We ARE the world, IN the world.

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Thanks for providing another round of data points about the sociology of inter-domain technology transfer. What is significant about the vast collection of these experiences of passive/aggressive rejections, over the ages, is that the creation of this ubiquitous response remains undiscussed and unexamined. Where is the clarion call saying “Hey, anybody see a pattern here? How come there are no contrary examples?” None.


Decades ago I made it a point to visit with the living greats in systems think, including Stafford. Near the end all would say something to the effect that – “Although my concepts have not yet taken hold to any commensurate extent, in a hundred years or so society would gradually get the message and the discipline of systems think would become a cultural norm.”  I noted these mentors, and their mentors, had tormented endings – to a man.


There is absolutely no shred of evidence that, given time, society will gravitate towards what’s best for its survival and advancement. There is no compelling force towards enlightenment-based action. Anyone can find the same miserable pattern of sabotage in the literature of a century ago – Thorstein Veblen being but one example. What is striking is that the behavioral attributes of institutions are exactly the same, century in and century out – oblivious to circumstances. The institutional rejection of VSM, wholesale, is but one instance of the institutional aversion to intelligence-informed management. Friday, USA citizens bailed out Wall St. to the tune of a trillion dollars without once investigating by what means this global emergency manifested, unforeseeable, overnight.


“Oh, you had no idea on Friday when you reported solid financial strength that by Monday your institution would be down $300 billion? No problem. Here’s money for you to keep doing whatever you were doing. After all, your $400 trillion in unregulated derivatives makes out national budget look parsimonious.”


In view of this stunning measurement of institutional ideology, it just doesn’t seem likely that promoting VSM in the ways and means it has been promoted will fare any better in the future. But, that’s another undiscussable.

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