It is quite posible that the younger generation are aware that they will
have to put into place any remnants of wisdom that might enable them to
sustain! In all of this, we in Metaphorum are presumambly aiming to
create values and systems for a brighter time. The young are pretty
media savvy - they can smell a crunch is coming but only have decision
making facilities within their circle. The crazy nation states systems
are beyond them and most of us..
And perhasp in this sense we should be focussed. Most of our sustainable
and survivor systems are about protecting the unsustainable and cannot
gurantee the safety of the many. Most of my work is about the
militarisation of sustaining the unviable  and the horror show that
accompanies it. History tells us that when habitats diminish most
cultures do not die peacefully, they raid!
Kids today might inhabit a variant of Brave New World but the movies
warn them 1984 is a reality for the majority and it may just be around
the corner for them. What Metaphorum has done for me is advise me just
how complicated big systems are - and how some of the solutions might
not be so obvious. For example on ecological viability, perhaps my
"deepest green" friend said recently: "Give me an SUV driving vegetarian
anyday over a meat eacting cyclist since the SUV vegetarian generates
less greehosue gases!" I think if we surveyed the next generation we
would find they are expecting to die violently in some future war and
there is some hostility to previous generations that they used
everything up...But they are very aware of the screwed up nature of
policy making and politics so why get involved in trying to change "big
systems"? And yet count how many are now involved in charity or is small scale and "real". The struggle to avert
global catastrophe isnt over and yet it seems too big...One challenge of
the next generation of "systems designers" is scaling things down so
that more become involved. 
Climate change is of course already wreaking collossal damage and we're
getting news of its day to day devastating human impact only slowly. But
if we get to consume it via a series of sudden tipping points then it
will be young people who have to endure the winnowing process of crude
Dawinian logic which ensues. What should we be saying to that generation
in ways which are clear enough and inspirational enough to persaude them
to know how to build viable systems as if people mattered? i think most
of all we need success stories - a sort of solutions based therapy..but
if all of us fail then the kids will be the consumers of that failure or
the target of the feral forces that gobble up and recycle failure.


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	Yes, if my precocious comments can perhaps be tolerated once
more: you (collectively) ARE them.  But I fear that today's younger
generation of potential 'followers' see nothing and hear nothing -- not
because they are blind or deaf -- rather perhaps so little is detectable
by them, through the noise, that the current batch of potential
"characters & beacons" are (for them) the 'silent generation'.
Communications is essential but it is not about modems and
telecommunications, it is about marketing in the market place.  It's
about dialogue on 'wicked problems' -- but that is another infiltration
of sustainability into the wrong "Subject:" area.  From what I can see,
today's heroes are not in economics or engineering -- rather they are
seen in those areas focused on ecological viability. 





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