HEAnet Extended NOC Cover - Announcement

With the internet now a vital tool for teaching and research, including 
independent self-guided learning and international research across time 
zones, HEAnet is proud to announce an increase in the availability of 
support outside of the traditional nine-to-five. For an initial trial 
period of 6 months, customers will be able to raise faults by phone 24 
hours of each day, 7 days a week. In the case where a total outage to a 
client site is experienced, it will be possible to raise this fault 
immediately to a HEAnet on-call engineer, who will ensure the issue is 

HEAnet 24x7 Support Trial
HEAnet is pleased to announce that from Friday, 8th February 2008, we 
will be extending our hours of cover from 09:00 - 17:30, to 24 x 7 
availability. Initially, this will be run on a trial basis with a formal 
review scheduled for May 2008.

Access to the out-of-hours part of the 24 x 7 cover shall be by 
telephone only, by calling the usual HEAnet NOC number, 01 6609040. 
E-mails to [log in to unmask] will, of course, be responded to within 2 
business hours as usual.

Calls outside of business hours shall be handled by an answering service 
on behalf of HEAnet. They will ensure that any Priority One calls - 
total site outages - are raised to a HEAnet engineer immediately, and 
that any other issues are raised to the HEAnet NOC for processing within 
the next 2 business hours.

Should your site lose internet connectivity completely, please contact 
HEAnet by calling the NOC number, and indicate to the answering service 
that you wish to raise a "Priority One Fault." If you wish to receive a 
call back from a HEAnet engineer regarding this, please tell the 
answering service that you wish to "escalate this fault to an on-call 
engineer." By using these keywords, the answering service will know to 
forward this message to on-call staff, and you can expect a call back 
within one hour - and typically within minutes. We would request that 
you ensure you're in a position to provide information on the nature of 
the fault and can perform basic troubleshooting in conjunction with the 
on-call engineer. Any faults raised outside of business hours, that are 
not causing a total loss of connectivity to a client site, shall be 
handled within 2 business hours as usual.

To ensure that any Priority One call raised gets dealt with effectively 
and in a timely manner, the answering service has an escalation rota 
held internally. This includes, in order, an on-call engineer, the 
Network Operations Manager, the CTO and finally the CEO. In the event of 
a total site outage, HEAnet is committed to working with you to get you 
back on line as soon as possible, whatever the time of day.

The same service shall operate from 17:30 - 09:00 during weekends and 
public holidays, with the answering service ready to take your call. 
This is in addition to the standard weekend cover provided by HEAnet 
during the hours of 09:00 - 17:30. Priority One faults - complete site 
outages only - may be escalated immediately by using the same keywords; 
"Priority One Fault" and "Please escalate to an on-call engineer" at any 
time during a weekend or public holiday, should the need arise.

To raise a fault, any time, please call the HEAnet NOC at 01 6609040.
Outside of office hours, an answering service will respond to your call 
and request the following information:
  - Your name
  - The institution name
  - Your contact number
  - A brief description of the fault.

In the case of a total site outage, please indicate that the site is 
suffering a "Priority One Outage" or "Total Site Outage." You must also 
state that you wish the fault to be "escalated to an on-call engineer." 
By using these keywords, the answering service will know to contact a 
HEAnet engineer, who will call you back and work with you to resolve the 

We believe that this level of cover will meet the needs of our clients, 
and would value any feedback over the coming months. For more 
information, please contact the HEAnet Network Operations Centre on 01 
6609040, or at [log in to unmask]

	Best regards,

Gareth Eason
HEAnet Limited, Ireland's Education and Research Network -
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