Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20080205-13     Ticket Status: UPDATE
Ticket Type:   unscheduled             Resolver:      GEANT
Ticket Opened: 20080205 13:04 UTC      Problem Start: 20080205 12:38 UTC
Ticket Update: 20080207 10:07 UTC      Problem End:   

Site/line:     Géant STM-16 Primary

Problem Description:
The Geant link to Frankfurt has failed.

Problem Effects:
All traffic has rerouted over the backup link with possible loss of
performance.  Loss of resilience.

Problem History:
20080205 12:59 BN Geant Service Desk are chasing this up with the provider.
 There is no time-to-fix at present.

20080205 17:33 BN A number of routing issues to .si have been noticed that
may well be due to this issue.

20080206 08:03 BN Link came back up at 18:28.  As yet we have no RFO from
Geant.  The routing issue to .si resolved in or around the same time. 
Both of these will continue to be investigated.

20080207 10:05 BN Further link problems have emerged that are causing
increased latency towards Geant, but not actual link failure.  These are
being investigated by the GN2 service desk.

Time to Fix:
6 hours

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