Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20080205-1      Ticket Status: UPDATE
Ticket Type:   scheduled               Resolver:      HEA-NOC
Ticket Opened: 20080205 10:24 UTC      Problem Start: 20080205 09:54 UTC
Ticket Update: 20080205 11:06 UTC      Problem End:   

Site/line:     DNS

Problem Description:
AAAA (IPv6) records have been added to 6 of the root name servers:

Problem Effects:
Configure the HEAnet DNS resolvers to use the new addresses. Queries to a,
f, h, j, k and m root servers will go over IPv6 by preference.

Problem History:
20080205 09:53 RG Open ticket to track work.

20080205 10:49 RG All resolvers updated with the new root hints file. Will
keep ticket open for the rest of the day to monitor.

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