Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20080228-4      Ticket Status: CLOSE
Ticket Type:   scheduled               Resolver:      HEA-NOC
Ticket Opened: 20080228 11:53 UTC      Problem Start: 20080228 13:00 UTC
Ticket Closed: 20080228 13:09 UTC      Problem End:   20080228 13:10 UTC

Site/line:     HEA-NOC

Problem Description:
Work will be carried out on the HEAnet office phone system between 13:00
and 13:10 today.

Problem Effects:
Very brief loss of phone contact with the HEAnet offices during this
period.  Calls will divert to our answering machine.  Actual expected
period of outage is >2 minutes.

Problem History:
20080228 11:50 BN Planned work.

20080228 13:08 BN Phone testing was completed successfully.  Total outage
was ~1 minute.

Time to Fix:
10 minutes

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