Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20080107-6      Ticket Status: CLOSE
Ticket Type:   scheduled               Resolver:      HEA-NOC
Ticket Opened: 20080107 11:18 UTC      Problem Start: 20080130 17:00 UTC
Ticket Closed: 20080204 17:42 UTC      Problem End:   20080204 17:00 UTC

Site/line:     Blanchardstown PoP, Citywest PoP, Cork PoP, DCU-POP PoP,
               Dublin PoP, Galway PoP, Kilcarbery Park PoP, Limerick PoP,
               TCD-PoP PoP

Problem Description:
The CAO's final deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday, 1st
Feb 2008.

To ensure that connectivity and service remains uninterrupted for this,
HEAnet would like to propose a change freeze from 5:00pm on Wednesday 30th
Jan to run until 5:00pm, Monday 4th Feb 2008.

During the freeze, no non-essential maintenance work will take place.
fault repairs and emergency operations shall be permitted.

Problem Effects:
No non-essential work to take place during this freeze.

No service impact.

Problem History:
20080107 11:15 GAR Created ticket to notify customers and suppliers of
change freeze.

20080131 09:00 GAR This freeze is now in force, until 5:00pm on Monday 4th

20080204 17:41 GAR This change freeze is now lifted. Thanks to all for
their understanding in ensuring that the network was highly available for
the CAO offers to be received and processed. Closing ticket.

Time to Fix:
0h 00m

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