Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20080208-4      Ticket Status: CLOSE
Ticket Type:   scheduled               Resolver:      HEA-NOC
Ticket Opened: 20080208 11:15 UTC      Problem Start: 20080218 12:00 UTC
Ticket Closed: 20080225 15:19 UTC      Problem End:   20080225 12:00 UTC

Site/line:     Commodity IP

Problem Description:
HEAnet wish to cease the transit contract with PacketExchange which
historically provided the Commodity IP service to IoTs.

Problem Effects:
Legacy Commodity IP service delivered via ITnet

Problem History:
20080208 10:52 OB Scheduling for Lancomms to cease advertising to the Gov't Network next Tuesday at 12noon. Subject to no
unexpected issues arising, the PacketExchange contract will be ceased on

20080208 12:17 OB Tallaght have identified that one of their Business
Incubation Clients is still using the legacy service and have requested
more time to implement a local migration. Revising simulated cessation
date to 18/02/08.

20080225 15:18 OB Legacy Commodity IP prefix is no longer routed via the
Government Network. Notice for transit termination issued to

Time to Fix:

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