Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20071219-5      Ticket Status: CLOSE
Ticket Type:   unscheduled             Resolver:      HEA-NOC
Ticket Opened: 20071219 11:08 UTC      Problem Start: 20071219 10:50 UTC
Ticket Closed: 20080221 15:48 UTC      Problem End:   20071221 10:03 UTC

Site/line:     Tipp Inst

Problem Description:
ATM connection to Limerick flapped and recovered in 4 seconds.
Tipperary Institute of Technology may have lost primary connection and
possibly failed over to their secondary.

Problem Effects:
No traffic loss. Connection should have failed to the secondary route.

Problem History:
20071219 10:53 GAR Created ticket to track. Will monitor for 24 hours to
see if this recurs.

20071219 11:47 GAR Recurs twice more. At 11:47 the connection stays down
long enough to tear down the BGP session.

Called BT and there are no planned works taking place that would be
expected to cause this. Will continue to monitor and will escalate if it
occurs again.

20071221 09:52 RG Further flaps this morning at 05:38 and 09:24. Reported
these  outages to BT along with the previous ones.

20071221 11:05 GAR Received a call from Brendan (BT NOC) and confirmed
details of flaps. He will look into it further and call back later today
when he has more information.

20071221 17:04 GAR Call from Brendan. BT Ticket ref: 1-543037223.
No further incidents seen today and no errors seen on the MUX. BT will
close the ticket.

Holding the HEAnet ticket open for monitoring to see if this recurs.

20071223 10:04 LT Two brief flaps of the relevant interface on atmsw1-cwt
were logged this morning, each lasting 4 seconds - the first at 08:36, the
second at 08:42. No corresponding flap was logged at the Limerick switch
end (atmsw1-lim). No loss of connectivity this time, but will continue to

20080221 15:47 GAR Not seen any problem in quite a while. BT have already
closed ticket, unable to provide a reason for the flaps. Will close ticket
until this recurs (which it hopefully won't.)

Time to Fix:
0h 01m

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