Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20080207-12     Ticket Status: UPDATE
Ticket Type:   scheduled               Resolver:      GEANT
Ticket Opened: 20080207 17:13 UTC      Problem Start: 20080212 06:00 UTC
Ticket Update: 20080213 12:38 UTC      Problem End:   20080213 18:30 UTC

Site/line:     GEANT

Problem Description:
Dante are arranging to commission an STM-16 link via their router in
Citywest, as an alternative to the existing Global Crossing STM-16 to
Frankfurt, due to be ceased next month.

This is tentatively scheduled for the morning of Tue 12 February, but may
be put back to Wednesday 13 February. Both periods should be considered
"at risk".

Problem Effects:
Traffic bound for sites reached from GÉANT (including European academic
sites and some academic sites in the US and elsewhere) will reroute via
backup paths while the maintenance is underway.

Problem History:
20080207 17:09 DW Physical preparation work to take place on Monday. Link
will be patched, labelled, and brought up for tests. The following
morning, assuming testing is successful, routing will be enabled on the
link and traffic should start to flow.

20080208 17:05 DW Preconfiguration is planned for Monday at 13:00, and
should not be service affecting. If all goes well, routing will be brought
up early morning on Tue 12 February, and the new link will be changed to
the primary route in the aerly morning of Wed 13 February.

20080212 06:33 DW BGP has been brought up so the link is now operating in
a backup capacity.

20080213 12:37 DW GÉANT service desk plan to reroute all GÉANT traffic to
the new link at 18:30 UTC today.

Time to Fix:
3 hours scheduled.

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