Ticket Number: HEA-NOC/20071231-3      Ticket Status: REOPEN
Ticket Type:   unscheduled             Resolver:      Global Crossing
Ticket Opened: 20071231 11:19 UTC      Problem Start: 20071207 00:00 UTC
Ticket Update: 20080208 09:52 UTC      Problem End:   

Site/line:     DNS, IPv6

Problem Description:
SixXS report that both a & are unreachable from HEAnet
over IPv6.  This is confirmed with failed traceroutes and dig attempts to
the servers.

Problem Effects:
Slower IPv6 lookups due to timeout delays.

Problem History:
20071231 11:11 BN Confirmed that there are no filters in place in HEAnet. 
Route exists via GX, but traffic appears to be filtered.  While the
servers do filter ICMP, they are also timing out when a dig is attempted
via IPv6.  A query has been sent to GX detailing the problem.

20071231 16:14 BN Further investigation suggests this may be a larger
problem with several IPv6 hosts affected.  Investigations are ongoing.

20080102 09:30 BN Issue seems to be entirely due to an accidental
configuration change on GX's part.  This has been corrected and all
previously unreachable end hosts can now be contacted.

20080208 09:51 BN This problem has reoccurred and GX have been contacted
once again.

Time to Fix:
4 weeks

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