Liz Gabay wrote:

>>> 1. Cid diatá A[i]ded Ceit maic Mágach? Ní hansa. Luidh fecht ann a 
>>> crich
>>> nUlad do chuinghi[d] gona duine, inní ba minic lais .i. Ulaid do 
>>> goin,
>>> úair ní dechaid asa nóendin ríam [cen] guin Ultaig.

>      I ended up with this translation, but I'm still not sure how to
> translate 'nóendin' --

Following DIL we could translate "noíden" as "fray, mêlée".

> How did Cet mac Mágach die? No problem.  He once went into the 
> territory
> of Ulster seeking to kill a person, something that was frequent with 
> him, that
> is, killing an Ulsterman, for he had never come out of his nóendin 
> (warlike
> gathering) without killing an Ulsterman.

"No problem" is perhaps a little *too* colloquial here? ;-)  Perhaps 
rather "Not hard to tell" ?

How about "he never left the fray without killing an Ulsterman" ?

On to the next paragraph now?