TOM SMITH wrote:

> "Is in drongach regda cnis"    [L: as drongach noradha gáis]I  
> noticed the text is one of many now available at 
> . However the line is still left untranslated...
> Would any list member like to have a crack at translating the line  
> which Dr.Best felt unable to attempt?

Is in drongach regda cnis
ingen Togach trethanglais
mad intan sin robo bean
anní diatá Slíab Raisen.
. . . . . . . . . . .
daughter of Toga of the grey stormy sea,
at that time ’twas a woman,
she from whom Sliabh Raisen is named.

The words are found in DIL:
drongach = thronged, attended by a lot of people; numerous (from  

regda = redga ? = gen. of "redg" = dash, dart, spring, "sudden  
impulsive movement"

cnis = gen. of "cnes" = skin; flesh, body (by extension)

But how exactly to put them together?  Apparently the line is  
descriptive of "ingen Togach".