>Sean O'Connor wrote:
>>> 3. 'Is é Cet so,' ar Conall, '& ní fíu dúin comrac fris ar a doilghi & 
>>> ar
>>> a cródacht.
>> This here is Cet, siad Conall, and we ought not fight with him because of
>> his suffering and his bravery.??

Gary Ingle wrote:
>searching eDIL:
>cródacht -- DIL headword:  earlier meaning "cruelty, bloodthirstiness," 
>later meaning "bravery"
>doilghi  -- harshness, severity; DIL quotes our passage under headword 

  This passage is at D 307.17. 

  I have a few other thoughts:

'fiú' - "worthy...sometimes passing into sense worthwhile" (DIL F 158.12)

   I thought it might translate as in Modern Irish  -- 

ní fiú dúinn -- it's not worthwhile for us

How about 

  'It's not worthwhile for us to fight against him because of his harshness and 
cruelty' ?    Liz