>"Every native speaker I've ever heard must be getting it wrong too. That's not what >I'm hearing - >more like what Justice is saying. Or maybe the English say "sit" >differently than the Yanks? "
*Sharp intake of breath* Careful with the E word and don't mention the war(s). Most? people here will be English speaking Scots and NOT English. Personally I am half and half so don't care, I just swap nationalities depending on who is winning the rugby.

> Yup
> >So, Mhìcheil, you're saying that the ending of èasgaidh, dhachaidh,
> >asgaidh, saoilidh, feumaidh, etc. all rhyme with English bit, kit and sit?

I've been caught out before with pron. guides which assumed an English reader with a Scottish accent but didn't make that clear. Maybe the key is to imagine Rab C Nesbitt(UK TV) saying "anybody" (short i ending) which definitiely does not rhyme with "me".
Also - Tata? - A Mhicheil, do you mean tata as in TTFN or have I missed something?

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