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Picture Book and Ecology of the Freshwater Diatoms. Toshiharu Watanabe et al. 2005. ISBN-10: 4753640477. 666 pp., extensive collection of detailed plates. Hardcover. Text in Japanese with some english. $425.00

Diatoms: Biology and Morphology of the Genera.
F.E. Round, R.M. Crawford, D.G. Mann. Due Late July 2007. ISBN: 9780521714693. 757 pp. Paperback edition of the 1990 hardcover edition. $80.00
Illustrated descriptions of over 250 genera of diatoms are presented for the first time in this wide-ranging volume. The introduction describes the diatom cell in detail, the structure of the wall (often extremely beautiful designs), the cell contents and aspects of life cycle and cell division. The generic atlas section is the first account of diatom systematics since 1928, and each generic description is accompanied by scanning electron micrographs to show the characteristic structure.
Preface Biology of Diatoms Preamble; The diatom cell; Collecting and studying diatoms; Culturing; Silicon: occurrence, uptake and deposition; Cell symmetry; Life form; Valve structure; Complementarity and heterovalvy; Portules; Ocelli, pseudocelli and pseudo-noduli; Raphe; Girdle bands (copulae); Internal valves; Resting states and resting spores; The organic casing; The protoplast: plastids, mitchondria, dictyosomes, nucleus, vacuole; The cell cycle; Vegetative multiplication and cell size reduction; Sexual reproduction; Oogamy; Physiological anisogamy and isogamy; Automixis and parthenogenesis; Auxospore development; Motility; Ecology; Palaeoecology; Concepts in diatom systematics; Evolution and phylogeny; Fossils; Accounts of genera - preliminary notes; Summary of classification Generic atlas Centric genera Araphid genera Raphid genera Appendix I New Taxa Appendix II List of recently described genera Appendix III Index, Nominum, Genericorum, References, Taxonomic index, Subject index

SUESSWASSERFLORA VON MITTELEUROPA [Freshwater flora of Central Europe]: series editors: H. Ettl, J. Gerloff, H. Heynig, D. Mollenhauer.
Band 2\1: Bacillariophyceae: Naviculaceae- 1986. reprinted 2007. 876 pp., 206 plates., 2976 photos, 19 X 12 cm,  ISBN 3-437-35396-9 [3-8274-0887]. $228.00 paperback
Band 2\2: Bacillariophyceae: Bacillariaceae, Epithemiaceae, Surirellaceae- 1988. reprint 2007. 611 pp., 1914 Fig., 19 X 12 cm,  ISBN 3-437-35388-8 [3-8274-0886]. $215 paperback
Band 2\3: Bacillariophyceae: Centrales, Fragillariaceae, Eunotia. 1991.(2004 reprint) Orders Centrales: Melosira, Orthoseira, Ellerbeckia, Aulacoseira, Cyclotella, Cyclostephanos, Stehanodiscus, Thalassiosira, Stephanocostis, Skeletonema, Acanthoceras, Chaetoceros, Rhizosolenia, Pleurosira, Actinocyclus. In der Familie Fragilariaceae: Tetracyclus, Diatoma, Meridion, Asterionella, Tabellaria, Synedra, Fragilaria, Opephora, Hannaea, Centronella. Eunotiaceae: Eunotia, Actinella, Peronia. 576 p. 166 plates, 2180 figures., 19 X 12 cm, hardcover. ISBN 3-437-30541-7 [3-8274-0827]. $183 
Band 2\4: Bacillariophyceae: Achnanthaceae und Gomphonema. 1-4. 1991 [2004 reprint with some minor additions 5 plates, 43 pages of text added]. Kritische Ergänzungen zu Navicula (Lineolatae) und Gomphonema. Gesamtliteraturverzeichnis für Teil 1-4. 437 p., 2048 figures, 19 X 12 cm, hardcover. ISBN 3-437-30664-2 [3-8274-0838]. $170.00
Band 2/5. Bacillariophyceae. English and french translation of the keys. 2000. 300 pp., ISBN 3-8274-1030-4. $151.00 
Band 19:1 Cyanoprokaryota: Chroococcales I.  1998. 800 pages, 164 figures. ISBN 3-437-35408-6. $180.00 in english
Band 19:2: Cyanoprokaryota. Oscillatoriales. 2005. reprint 2007.  Cell morphology and ultrastructure, Filament morphology, Polarity, Branching, Cell division, Reproduction, Colonies, Thallus structure/ Classification system (Morphological variation and diversification, Molecular background, coincidence with phenotype characters, Principles of the modern classification)/ Ecology and distribution/ Glossary (morphological terms)/ Systematics Part: Pseudanabaenaceae/ Schizotrichaceae/ Borziaceae/ Phormidiaceae/ Gomontiellaceae/ Oscillatoriaceae/ Proposal of cyanobacterial system 2004/ Literature/Index. 1000 figs., 750 p.   ISBN 3-8274-0919-5. In English.  $218.00 paperback

Canter-Lund, Hilda & J. Lund. 1995. Freshwater algae. Their microscopic world explored. This is a fantastic book! Covers all the algae groups, descriptions, anatomy, etc and is illustrated with spectacular color and B&W photos- but mainly color photos. Can be used as a phycology textbook. 360 pages. 646 photos in all. Trade Cloth ISBN 0-948737-25-5.  $220.40

A taxonomic guide to some common marine phytoplankton. by Rita A. Horner. 9/2002. This Guide contains photographs, descriptions and distribution records of 134 species, it includes descriptions of major taxonomic groups of phytoplankton that have harmful or potentially harmful species (diatoms, dinoflagellates, raphidophytes, prymnesiophytes and silicoflagellates), a discussion of sampling methods and sample analysis protocols, a glossary of terms pertinent to phytoplankton and references. It provides easy identification for both amateurs and professionals. hardback, 195 + v. pages, 134 color plates, 6 mono and 3 line drawings. ISBN 0-948737-65-4. $158.80

Freshwater Red Algae of the World. Shigeru KUMANO. due April 2002. Fully comprehensive flora of the freshwater red algae Rhodophyta) with descriptions and illustrations of the morphology of the life cycle stages. 375 pp + xiv. 199 B&W plates. ISBN 0-948737-60-3. $191.80

Sims (editor) at al. 1996. Atlas of British diatoms. This comprehensive set of illustrations of freshwater and marine diatoms provides diatomists for the first time with detailed scale drawings of some 2,000 species. This encompasses all the common species, most of which are world-wide in distribution. The illustrations are mainly the work of H.G. Barber and thus in a uniform style and magnification. Some additional plates have been provided by J.R. Carter and all have been admirably rearranged in an alphabetical order of genera and species by B. Hartley to form a user-friendly guide to the identification of this most abundant group of organisms. The only comparable work is Schmidt's Atlas which was published between 1874 and 1959 but that Atlas has the species scattered. The present Atlas clusters the species (e.g. 42 plates of Navicula) and will form a major source book with the classification having been brought up to date. The authors have an extremely detailed knowledge of diatoms (well over 100 years in total experience) with a deep understanding of the variation during the growth cycle - this is illustrated by multiple drawings of most taxa. In all there are over 7,000 illustrations, approx. 600 pages. hardcover.  Trade Cloth ISBN 0-948737-45-X.  $205.00

Bird, C.J. & J.L. McLachlan. 1992. Seaweed Flora of the Maritimes. 1. Rhodophyta-the Red Algae. comprehensive account of most common red algae of the Canadian Maritime Provinces, which also extend to Cape Cod and around coasts of Northern Europe. 177 p. 65 plates.  Trade Cloth ISBN 0-948737-18-2.  $147.80

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