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Ah yes, this title is always rich compost for a debate about "what
differentiates tunes". For the results of my work on the "Toss the
Feathers" title, including where to find transcriptions of each, use:
And enter: toss the feathers

You'll see there that I came to the conclusion that there are (only?)
six musically distinct reels among the 40 recordings and 18
transcriptions I've associated (directly or indirectly) with that title.
One of those reels, however, is well-established as "Reel with the
Beryl" or similar title variants, and was presumably only given the
"Toss the Feathers" title once, in Breandan Breathnach's list of
alternative titles, because it shares a brief similarity to one section
of the most common "Toss the Feathers" tune. Then another of these six
reels has only one recording, as "Shanks Mare" by Mike Rafferty, and
again it was only Breathnach who let that tune, too, share the title
"Toss the Feathers" (presumably because his source, Jim Mulqueeney,
called it that).

Given that, I'd say there are "four or more" Toss the Feathers reels
known under that title. The search-results display will show you the
stats on how common each one is, and many more details about each tune.

Atsushi Amemiya sent on 8/29/07 11:46 PM:
> Hi,
> I've just learned that there are 3 tunes, called "Toss the Feather." I had
> known that there were two, but I didn't know that there is another one.
> Does anyone have ABC for it?
> Thanks in advance.
> Atsushi

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