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> "His name derives from Celtic *Teuto-valos ("leader of the tribe, people")
> and his epithet may mean "great crossing", "great possession", or "legitimate".
> What do you make of this Candon? Any ideas on this author's reasons for the
> "great crossing..possession...legitimate" etymology?


Tuathal < *Teuto-walos 'tribal leader

Techtmhar < OI techtmar 'legitimate'   The other suggestions are from
analysing the name as _techt_ and it's various meanings which include
'household possesions' and 'act of going', and _-mar_ analysed as a
variant of _mór_ 'great'.

> A more precise question I wish to ask is who is the Irish Ri real enough to
> trace back to and be confident lived. Who is the currently accepted one what
> does his name mean?

I have no idea.  I read recently that Niall of the Nine Hostages may
have in fact been more real than legendary as many O'Neils share a
particular gene.  You might be able to find the article by searching
google or yahoo! news.  But whether he is the earliest Irish king to
have historical veracity, I couldn't say.