There are two words _t˙ath_ the first could be translated as people,
tribe, nation.  The second is used in compounds (t˙ath-) and has the
meaning northern, left, on the left, perverse, wicked, evil.
(according to DIL)

Macbain gives Rhys suggetion that Scots Gaelic _tuath_ 'north' may
come from *do-huth < to-su 'turning to'.  The root being _su_ 'turn'.

Whether the two OI words are related still seems to me to be an open
question.  Unless some one knows of a surer etymology?


>The poem I am working on has halted at the word "Tuathal" -
> which the person I am reading defines as
> "Counter sun-wise, to the left, the way of the people, or literally "the
> wrong way."
> Is this correct and does the word relate to the word "tuatha" as in the TDD.
>  Does "tuatha" have a connotation of "the wrong people" - a fatalistic
> quality of tradegy etc"