Hello everyone,
      I hate to bother folks with an OT request but the  list has seemed rather slow lately so I hope you'll excuse me.
      I am desparately trying to find someone who would be  willing to translate a short little poem into some form of Gaulish/Old  Celtic. I was wondering if there is a list like this one for Gaulish,  or if anyone on this list happens to be good with Gaulish as well. Any  info would be appreciated.
      Feel free to reply off-list if you like.
  Best wishes,

Dennis King <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  David alerted us to the following title in August.
is now stocking it.  I just got my copy in the mail today.  So far
all I can tell you is that it's hardbound with a quiet ocher-yellow
cover, that the type and layout seem pleasant enough, that it has
200 pages, and that the price I paid was € 20.00 + shipping.

I hope to have more to say later.  Does anyone else have it yet?


> An Old Irish Primer
> by Wim Tigges, in collaboration with Feargal Ó Béarra
> 200 pp.
> Nijmegen: Stichting Uitgeverij de Keltische Draak, 2006.
> ISBN-10: 90-806863-5-2 (NL)
> ISBN-13: 978-90-806863-5-9 (NL)
> ISBN 10: 3-89323-085-8 (D)
> Price € 20,00 excl. postage and packing, € 26,00 incl. postage and
> packing
> You can download chapter one from our
> internetsite:

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