Dear Wade et al.,

      I am also a very basic beginner with OI, mostly on  list to listen and learn. But for your "barc dibeirgi" predicament I  would tentatively suggest an alternative of "Ship(s) of raiding"  (rather than "plundering from ships"). And I would take it as a sort of  kenning or the name of some druidic technique, many of which have  cryptic names (leapadh lanaidh, imbas forosnai, etc). But again, please  don't take this as authoritative, I am just putting a toe in the water.
      I'd also be very interested to see people's replies  on the "maith" and "sredhs" issues. I'd also take "sredhs" for streams,  with all the poetic meaning attached to that term.
  Best wishes,

Wade Baugher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:This translation is by a 19th century scholar. They sometimes 
seem to rely on rather literal translations (not to mention 
antagonistic) at the expense of the context.

Now I understand the author may himself have been antagonistic 
in his view of Celtic polytheism in general and druids in particular, 
but in my attempts at researching alternate meanings, I can't 
find any support for some of the translations.  I make no 
pretense at being a language scholar yet, and readily admit to being a 
beginning student, but it seems to me that this translation is in 
desperate need of un update.

For example, line one of division 37.  I can find no definitions of 
"maith" that are related to anything in the translated line... quite 
the contrary every definition I can find relates to goodness... morally 
good, and the like. What was translated as idolatry seems to be more 
accurately polytheism.

Another oddity; line 3 of division 37: "barc dibeirgi".  The plundering 
of ships is not generally regarded as an art taught by the druids.  
Can anyone suggest an alternate meaning?

I suspect "sredhs" in line 1 of division 38 might refer to streams, but 
that's mostly a guess.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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