A kenning does indeed seem to fit the context.  However, in researching the 
word "barc" here and elsewhere I found that it can also refer to a dwelling. 
I also found what might be a form of "dibeirgi" that has a meaning "casting 
out".  Put together they might read: "casting out in dwellings, bright 
poems... or poems of truth".  Which might connect it to the line above it. 
The line above might be translated "In a sound/sturdy/fair and 
clear/clean-walled (suggesting windowless?) house".   Obviously, these 
possibilities are highly tentative based on my inexperience.

Thanks for the thoughts.


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> Dear Wade et al.,
>      I am also a very basic beginner with OI, mostly on  list to listen 
> and learn. But for your "barc dibeirgi" predicament I  would tentatively 
> suggest an alternative of "Ship(s) of raiding"  (rather than "plundering 
> from ships"). And I would take it as a sort of  kenning or the name of 
> some druidic technique, many of which have  cryptic names (leapadh 
> lanaidh, imbas forosnai, etc). But again, please  don't take this as 
> authoritative, I am just putting a toe in the water.
>      I'd also be very interested to see people's replies  on the "maith" 
> and "sredhs" issues. I'd also take "sredhs" for streams,  with all the 
> poetic meaning attached to that term.
>  Best wishes,
>  Andrew
> Wade Baugher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:This translation is by a 19th 
> century scholar. They sometimes
> seem to rely on rather literal translations (not to mention
> antagonistic) at the expense of the context.
> Now I understand the author may himself have been antagonistic
> in his view of Celtic polytheism in general and druids in particular,
> but in my attempts at researching alternate meanings, I can't
> find any support for some of the translations.  I make no
> pretense at being a language scholar yet, and readily admit to being a
> beginning student, but it seems to me that this translation is in
> desperate need of un update.
> For example, line one of division 37.  I can find no definitions of
> "maith" that are related to anything in the translated line... quite
> the contrary every definition I can find relates to goodness... morally
> good, and the like. What was translated as idolatry seems to be more
> accurately polytheism.
> Another oddity; line 3 of division 37: "barc dibeirgi".  The plundering
> of ships is not generally regarded as an art taught by the druids.
> Can anyone suggest an alternate meaning?
> I suspect "sredhs" in line 1 of division 38 might refer to streams, but
> that's mostly a guess.
> Thanks for any help you can offer.
> -- 
> Wade
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