Hi all, and mery chirstmas to you all

i have a request for you to ponder over the next few weeks before we are all back at work, if I were to send out a list of some algal species i needed to source cultures of, would any of you be able to help?  Idealy UK members as there would be less issue with postaing the samples.  I would not need much, just enough to extract some DNA from to do some sequencing of 18s.  im lookign to do a large-scale 18s comparrison of a wide range of species/genera and sourcing some of them might be a bit difficult.  in return i would of course send you back the 18s sequence from your sample

the other approach would be if anyone had a marine sample that they KNEW contained Algae off my list then i could do large-scale extractions and extrapolate results

anyway...perhaps you could all have a think if you could sent me samples and then i will send out a list of the ones i would like in the new year

thanks in advance, dave

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