Hi Richard,
  Such a program will be beneficial to students coming from third world countries including myself. Unfortunately, third world students are still traditional. However they will find it difficult to place it under any of the traditional mainstream courses. Doing that will help them identify their career choice after school
  What "traditional" department does this course relate to. Business? Sociology? 
  I am not an expert on the subject but it might be difficult attracting students from third world countries with the current title. I would propose that the course be labelled Msc Development informatics . 
  I would like to see the course content involve
  1. Management INformaition Systems
  2. Economics
  3. International Information Technology Law
  4. Databases
  5. Organizational Change
  6. Topics and Issues in Offshoring.
  7. Telecommunications Mangement

Dr Richard Heeks <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  Here at the University of Manchester, we have a proposal to 
launch a one-year, UK-based MSc programme in ICTs for 
Development. This would combine skills in management of IT 
projects, and information systems, with understanding of the 
development context, and the role of ICTs in the development 

I would be grateful for any feedback on:

a) whether you see there would be a demand for such a 

b) the proposed content of such a programme.

With thanks
Richard Heeks
Development Informatics Group
University of Manchester, UK
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