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Final call:


Detection of Microbial Biodiversity in Environmental Samples

A Molecular Ecology Workshop

19-21 September, 2005  Camerino (MC) – Italy




L. K. Medlin (AWI-Bremerhaven, Germany)
G. Muyzer (TU Delft, Netherland)
C. O. Gualerzi (UNICAM, Italy)

Confirmed Speakers

Antonella Penna, Università di Urbino, Italy

Mediterranean Dinoflagellate Biodiversity: A Molecular Phylogeographic Approach

Katja Metfies AWI, Bremerhaven, Germany

Microarrays for the Identification of flagellated Algae

Nina Silkenbeumer, University of Bremen, Bremen Germany

Microarrays of the Identification of Fish Larvae to aid in the Assessment of Fishery Stocks

Georg Nies University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Implementation of a DNA-Taxonomy concept on microarrays

Gerard Muyzer, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Phylochips for the detection of pathogenic protozoa

Douglas Call Washington State University, Pullman, Washington USA

Deriving phylogenetic inferences from comparative genomic hybridizations and DNA Microarrays

Alexander Loy University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Beyond The Use Of Phylogenetic Microarrays For Highly Parallel Microbial Community Analysis –The Isotope Array Approach

Gianluca De Bellis CNR-ITB, Segrate, Italy

Identification of cyanobacteria by a universal array approach

Laura Mancini ISS Rome, Italy

The Diatoms as biological indicators in the Water Framework Directive

Antonietta La Terza University of Camerino, Italy

Eukaryotic microorganisms as whole-cell biosensors for environmental biomonitoring 

Marco Berzano University of Camerino, Italy

Molecular tools for identification of Diatoms in freshwaters: alternative strategies for the development of species-specific oligonucleotide probes.

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