John, we met once briefly at a party in Fife. I vaguely remember our
mutual admiration for each other's work, but in your case it was
certainly much more deserved. I may or may not have told you how much
you had influenced the way I constructed my Dundee folksong collection.
Anyway, enough of that! 

If you're still considering unsubscribing, may I add my name to the
people who are saying that Irtrad-L would be much diminished if you
did. We have lost some valuable contributors over the years and I think
more than a few of us were privately encouraged when you joined. If it
makes any difference, I'd be sad if you decided to leave.

Ah well. As a penance for so much off-topicality, I hereby offer:

S:North Kerry Fiddle Music CD
Z:Nigel Gatherer
N:Haven't got the CD beside me, so I can't rmember the details
N:Not entirley sure about the transcription either -
N:relying on my poor memory!
e/f/e/d/ ce | ea ce | dd/c/    Bd       | dg  BD  | 
e/f/e/d/ ce | ea ce | dd/c/    BA       | a2- a2 :|
Ac       ec | ac ec | Ac       ec       | BA  a2  |
Ac       ec | ac ec | e/f/e/c/ e/f/e/c/ | BA  A2 :|

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff <[log in to unmask]>
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