Here is my initial attempt at a transcription of stanza 10. I would be
astonished if everything here is correct. So do have a look at the MS if
you are going to have a go at translating it. (And we still have no
translation of stanza 8 by the way ... )

This is the third stanza from the top of the second column on page 1 of
the manuscript Laud Misc 615. You will spot it by looking for the
capital 'U' in the left hand margin (i.e. the margin which runs down the
middle of the page).

Just a reminder that the MS (which starts off with a lot of blank pages
before you hit page 1) is at:

10. Ua bait[h]er buaigh n-g
adhbh ciuil lebur lir
na n-ioghnais n h-il
a dioigh rais bii din
a ccuinghIDH nir chir
aran suilmhir simh