Hi Neil and List,

Here are two more maxims quoted in O'Davoren's Glossary
for your consideration:

1125.  Imm·dích cach corp a memru.
        = Every body protects its members.

This is identified in DIL as coming from Laws ii 278.19.
What exactly is the context there?

1326.  Oscar cách i ceird araile.
        = Everyone is an "oscar" in another's craft.

"Oscar" means outsider, non-professional, unskilled person,
layman -- or even something as strong as "dunce" or "idiot".
I'm not sure what English word best captures the sense.
I suppose the meaning of the maxim is along the lines of
"Don't meddle where you don't know the rules". Or "Don't
expect a surgeon to fix your brakes."  Or an admonition
of humility: "no matter how much you know about X, you're
still a duffer when it comes to Y and Z" ?   Other ideas?
And is this one found anywhere in the Laws?

Lug Lámfhota, the "Sam-il-dán-ach" (he who possesses all
arts together) is the obvious -- and sole? -- exception to
this saying.