The relevant lines of VT for this paragraph are 1300-1374 in Caitlín Ní
Maoil Chróin's edition.  The dialogue relevant to the text of BaBr §58
starts from l. 1323.  The dialogue, like BaBr, is between an angel and a
churchman/saint, but the different "balance of power" is interesting.

This section is much expanded from what is displayed in Tírechán and
Muirchu.  In referring to those, CNM says (p72) "the bald enumeration of the
petitions in Tírechán and Muirchu" which she then gives (as she does with
all parallels between VT and those texts throughout the edition).

Three of the four petitions mentioned in §58 are also in VT as given below
between the relevant lines of the BaBr text.

>"Ní·tairsed éim", ol int aingel, "ar do·rat Día do Phátraic arin
>Crúaich in cethardae-sa .i. cen díth ecnai i nÉrinn co deired in domuin,

> et ná·trebfat echtraind ar áis nó ar éicin co bráth,

VT 1336-7:  'Saxain náró treabat Héirinn ar áiss nách ar éicin céin mbéo-sa
for nim' [First person as Patrick is asking for this petition.]

> et muir dar Érinn secht mblíadnae ré mbráth

VT 1331-2:  'muir mór do thuidecht tar Héirinn .uii. mbliadnai ria mbráth'

> ocus corop é féin bas breithem for Goídelaib i lló brátha."

VT 1360-1:  'corab meisi féin bas breithem for feraib Hérend a llá sin'
[Again first person because included as Patrick's petition rather than its
being granted.  He has just before the quotation starts there described lá
brátha with a number of Biblical references.]

Lines 2965-2986 in VT also pertain to the incident in Muirchu where the
petitiones Patricii are requested and given, but that section (dealing with
Armagh and Patrick not being buried there) does not contain material
relevant to the text in §58.