On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 18:24:43 +0800, Neil McLeod <[log in to unmask]>

>And now we move to the top of the second column of page 1 of our MS for
>stanza 8.

Hi Neil,
   I thought I'd try this just a little (I've never seriously tried to
read an old manuscript before).
    I compared what you wrote to the manuscript to see if I could
recognize the letters.
    I looked for help online.  There may be other people following along
with you and I thought they might appreciate what I found out.
   I remembered Gary Ingle's helpful list of abbreviations from the Book
of Leinster.
  Here's the link:

  I did a quick search on Google and found a really nice site by Dr.
Dianne Tillotson, where she shows several scripts and gives exercises and
quizzes for learners.

Neil scríbas:

>8. Ma ar n-eólus uaidh féin

  (Messe: I don't recognize the initial 'M',  but the rest of this part
looks reasonable.)

Neil: fios na n-ôg s(e?)na n-aos

(Messe: I think the first three words are visible, but I don't see the
rest.  In place of 's (e?)' I see what looks like two or three letters
stuck together;  then I see a word that starts with 'n' and probably ends
with a tail-flourished 's' with another group of stuck-together letters
that I don't recognize in between the two consonants. That must be the
diphthong 'ao'.)

   This was a nice break from the huge pile of laundry.

    Liz Gabay