Dennis wrote:

>> (b) grian ân, f(h)ine or [= ar] fhâs
>> (c) bech as grinne gaos
>> a fiery sun, a vine for growth,
>> a bee whose wisdom is [keen as] a sting;

> How about this for (b) and (c), in view of my line from 
> Keating ("... na dearóile 7 na huirísle ór fhásadar..."):

> (b) fiery sun of a family from which has grown
> (c) a bee of of keenest wisdom

Ah that is lovely! It would enable us to keep the lenition in 'fhine' as
well. (And I think I just saw a three-legged dog lolloping past!)

(Would you believe I tried to make sense of 'fhás' here as a perfect
verb and couldn't find the required 'do' or 'ro'? This strikes me as an
interesting negative hallucination given our recent discussion of 'ór'!)

I treated 'grinne' as DIL '(1) grinne', 'the point of a weapon'. I take
it you are treating it as the superlative of 'grind' (from an earlier
'grindiu'). That is much more straight forward!