I found Stanza 14 to be hard going. The MS is quite difficult to read at
the ends of lines (d) and (f). The reading of line (d) given below is
very tentative. The MS could just as easily be read as 'lmh nao rocurin
riar' (whatever that might mean!). What I take to be a superscript 'ur'
contraction in 'roc[h]ur' is not as distinct as I would like it to be.
(It may be a superscript 'a' giving 'roc[h]ar'.) 

The stanza seems to be talking about two body-guards who protected
Cormac mac Airt. I am assuming Art Cnomdha is a name, though I haven't
found any mention of him. Does anyone recognize these two heavies?

I have no confidence at all in my translation of line (d).

There ought to be some alliteration in line (f). But I haven't been able
to conjure any up.

(a) Cormac mor mac Airt
(b) d fhoithni(bh) d fhal
(c) mac Loc[h]lAINN lmh trn
(d) lmh nac[h](?) roc[h]ur(?) is(?) rar	
(e) Art Cnomhdha ara chl
(f) comhla re gort in(?) lagh		

Mighty Cormac, son of Art,
two shelters to screen him:
the son of Lochlaind, Strong Arm,
a hand for any occasion and service;
Art Cnomhdha at his back,
a shield before the field of woe.